Аbout me

My name is Alex Patrikeev, I currently work as a Web designer (freelancer). My passion is to make stunning design, and always trying to find creative and functional solutions for the project. I worked as a freelance designer with start-ups, agencies and other any kind of companies, regardless of their sector in which they operate. I love to create, and to be the center of the user experience and create digital products.


Web Design

Knowledge of the principles of UI/UX; Development website design; Development website Coding (CSS+HTML, JavaScript); Skills development CSS.



Design and Art

Site Design; Redesign; Icons; Illustrations; The ability to create infographics; The ability to draw by hand.


Corporate style

Creating a logo; Creating of a slogan; Corporate advertising block; Corporate font; Corporate colors; etc.


Interface Design

Design interfaces; Designing interfaces, UX / UI;